Pulling Faces (NaPoWriMo #15)

Photo by Eren Li on Pexels.com

As the youngest child I squirmed
The moment a baby came into view.
I could count on my mom’s giant
OH then a massive, gargoyle grin
and the goo goo gah gah
ridiculousness that would bubble
over and ooze on the child.

I didn’t remember this face used on me,
But only because I out grew it.
And maybe I thought she should
Look that way at me, even then.

But mostly, I was just embarassed, of the
my mom would be.

Fast forward. I saw my friend’s infant, yesterday.
My face instantly contorted,
“OH” then all teeth, instantly
with a toothless giggle.

What can I say?
I learned from the best.

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